Strategic Priority Areas

In the first stage of development, the action-oriented Coalition will focus on three strategic priority areas to improve access and coordination of behavioral health services and resources for all SC residents.


Behavioral Health/Primary Care Outpatient Alignment:
Focused on programs and initiatives that maximize alignment of mental health and substance use disorders services and primary care services and resources across the outpatient continuum


Crisis Stabilization/Acute Care Management:
Focused on actions and initiatives designed to improve the identification, triage and management of individuals with acute mental health and/or substance use disorders, ensuring efficient and effective crisis stabilization and management of patients with acute mental health and/or substance use disorders


Substance Use Disorder/Prevention and Treatment:
Focused on improving and more effectively coordinating identification, prevention and intervention efforts at all key healthcare and other access points for individuals at risk or suffering from opioid use disorders. Establish an interdisciplinary, cross-sector system for substance use disorders, initially focused on managing opioid prescribing and use, and preventing and effectively treating opioid use disorder.